Saturday, May 23, 2015

Adventure Time

Calayo Munti Adventure

            After our highschool graduation, I had my thanksgiving and I invited some of my classmates. Since it was their first time to be in our barangay, I toured them to see what we have in Calayo. I brought them in one of the near beach in our barangay which has white sand and is just a walking distance away. We tried to passed by in rocky road in order to go to the white sand part. It was such a very funny and nice experience. We almost got little bruises from walking and crossing the rocky road.

From left to right: Omae, Sir Arvin, Me &Argie 

             It takes us almost 30 minutes of walk before we reach our destination. And most especially, picture taking won't be absent. We make sure that we took a lot of pictures since it was our first time to experience something like this. Here are the more pictures we have:

          It was really good to be with them again and to have this kind of experience. It was one of the best day I've ever had. Seeing them amazed with what we have in Calayo made me smile. And I'm very thankful that God gave us this kind of beauty of nature. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Peak: Get together

    • The Peak Outing

       Going out together with your highschool classmates is one of the best way to get connected to them. We miss each other so much that we already planned an outing even if it was just 2 or 3 weeks after our graduation.

Friends: Argie, Lejhanie & Omae
It was my first ever experience to go on a private resort with my classmates and friends. And it became one of the unforgettable outing I've ever had. As we arrived in The Peak in Terrazas de Punta Fuego, we can't help but to take pictures, a lot of pictures! 

          This is how the view looks like from where we are. It was so lovely <3 and so relaxing. It feels like you just want to stare at the view the whole day because it was so peaceful.

          One of the reason why we planned this outing is to swim and have fun. We just play in the pool even if it's very hot. We didn't mind the sun because what's important is that we enjoy every moment.

My classmates ☺

           I hope that this moment will happen again. Meeting them and being with them for the last 4 years is one of the best thing that happened in my life. 

Island Hopping

Bituin Island Adventure

"Bituin Island"
       There's this so called "Bituin Island" located in our barangay- Brgy. Calayo, Nasugbu, Batangas. As for me, I don't need to travel for how many hours just to relax and have fun. The island is just a 15-minute travel using a boat. The white sand and clear water makes the island perfect. There are large stones in the water where I can stepped on to explore and see the beauty of the whole island.

(With my Cousins. From left to right: Ella,
 Dhoriz, Me, Rafael)
         I got to bond with my cousins during our island hopping. One of the things I love about traveling or going out with your families and friends is that you get to have time with them and spent even a single day with them. 

"Bituin Island"

       I just love the clear-blue water that makes me want to swim and looking at these water and clear-blue skies really relaxes me and it captures my heart. From here, I can see another Island which is farther from where I am. The view I'm seeing here is so breathtaking. And I love taking pictures whenever I'm seeing a beautiful and fascinating scenery.

             It was on the other side of the island. There was a small cave inside and there's water flowing from the rocks in the mountain that seems like a waterfall.
             My whole experience in this island is so good that it makes me want to go back here next summer vacation. 

Traveling Benefits

Benefits of Traveling

       There are lots of benefits that we can get from traveling. Let me enumerate some: First, traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life. We get to forget our problems for a few days or weeks. It also helps us to figure things out that we would not have understood without taking a break from stressful days. Second, is the relaxation we get. It's nice to live life to the fullest and enjoy life free from stress. Going on a vacation let's us recharge our mind and body and relax yourself the whole day. Third, traveling with family and friends create memories for a lifetime. These memories will create a strong foundation of good relationship that nothing or no one can break no matter what happens. It also gives nice stories to tell people afterwards, we can create photo albums about our trips and when we feel nostalgic,we can take a look in our pictures and reminisce those moments.