Saturday, May 23, 2015

Adventure Time

Calayo Munti Adventure

            After our highschool graduation, I had my thanksgiving and I invited some of my classmates. Since it was their first time to be in our barangay, I toured them to see what we have in Calayo. I brought them in one of the near beach in our barangay which has white sand and is just a walking distance away. We tried to passed by in rocky road in order to go to the white sand part. It was such a very funny and nice experience. We almost got little bruises from walking and crossing the rocky road.

From left to right: Omae, Sir Arvin, Me &Argie 

             It takes us almost 30 minutes of walk before we reach our destination. And most especially, picture taking won't be absent. We make sure that we took a lot of pictures since it was our first time to experience something like this. Here are the more pictures we have:

          It was really good to be with them again and to have this kind of experience. It was one of the best day I've ever had. Seeing them amazed with what we have in Calayo made me smile. And I'm very thankful that God gave us this kind of beauty of nature. 

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